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Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Produce (11 M)
Getting the longest possible shelf life out of your produce items can be a tricky business.  Check out this all-inclusive produce booklet to learn more about availability, pack sizes, receiving and handling, nutrition and more.
Product Guide Color Charts
Color charts provide visual representation of a product's flavor, ripeness, sales impact, and safety. Click on the images to the right to view the charts.
Banana Chart PDF  Tomato Chart PDF
Nutrition Services
IFD Nutritional Services has many USDA related resources to assist you with your NSLP, NSBP and CACFP programs. CN Labeled and CNE Foods brochure
IFD E&S (Equipment and Supplies) Catalog
Access our E&S Catalog online. Browse through to find the equipment you want!
School Services
Indianhead Foodservice Distributor is committed to providing our youth with healthy delicious food, while supporting our school foodservice professionals so they can manage their foodservice operations efficiently.